Monday, September 6, 2010

Very Hot Meera Nandan

Name: Meera Nandan
Gender: Male
Birthday: March 1, 1989

Meera Nandan is an upcoming Indian actress and a television anchor. She started her career in the popular reality show, Idea Star Singer on Asians. She made her film debut in 2008 Malayalam film Mulla. Aadhi is ready for the new action hero with his next release Ayyanar, directed by SS Rajamitran be.

If the movie clicks, a hattrick of hits Aadhi will have the following Mirugam and Eeram. Ayyanar is an action entertainer sentimental about the young deep love for his mother. It Aadhi and Meera Nandan leading with music by Thaman. All duet Paniyae Paniyae .. the charts.

Says producer Thenappan PL: "I always have good offers from distributors Ayyanar. It is a complete mass masala, and I feel Aadhi go places after the release." Thenappan says the first copy of the film will be ready in August 1923 and is immediately censored and the movie release of the third September.
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