Monday, September 6, 2010

Very Hot Madhurima

Madhurima is tempting Sari killing
They say much of anything is bad. But here's the truth, contradiction, and she is beautiful and sensual by Madhurima, hot spot in the market less for her films and more equipment for its delicious Sari murders. The more you look at her sari, so heart rate.

After an innovative form of sari worn in 'Mouna Raga, "creative director Vamsi could not resist more and reserved Madhurima' Saradaga Kasepu '(head seems a perfect match for Madhu). Does not stop here, Madhurima made a special and occasional transparent sari shoot yesterday where he attacked her with sharp bends
the really attractive fashionLove hit two young men. Hero Tanish had a good start with 'Nachchavule' and 'Ride' is fun again for 'Mouna Raga' is the result, but for a hot romance with a heroine Madhurima.

Madhurima, new sex siren in the industry as an expert in showing off her curves in a sari is known for intimate with the hero Tanish from day filming. Although the vineyards Film Nagar is that both these children on a long and endless dating for almost three months and is seen walking around in bars and restaurants nearly every day.

After serving in the hot looks Madhurima, many say it will be difficult to be distracted and Tanish an impasse in its network. Madhurima pull away audiences with her erotic Sari showed that the source of mercury to increase more in this hot summer.

Madhurima the beautiful Bengali child does not affect his credit, but has provided a good support among the public for its attractive natural sex structure. Two of the Oh's report''and Okkadu 'Mounaragam' was the biggest fiascos, but has enough screen presence Madhurima, advertising and charm to stay in business.

Keep its popularity and demand in the public, the directors are aware that there is a tough role Madhu. Her beauty really wet now optimally "Oh Okkadu" and arched her body was shown to be fully fit for the sari in 'Mounaragam. Madhurima now wants her to gain strength by wearing a bikini in her next release. It would be a great bet for all lovers decide Madhurima masala hot in a bathing suit or a sari.
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