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Amisha patel

Real / Other names: Ameesha Patel
Date of birth: 9 June 1976 (age 34)
Birthplace: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Family and relationships

Father: Amit Patel
Mother: Asha Patel
Grandfather: Barrister Rajni Patel lawyer-politician

Mini Biography

Biography and history:
Amisha Patel birth name is a blend of the first three letters of his father's name Amit and the last three letters of her mother's name Asha.
She studied at the Cathedral and John Connon High School, was Bombayand head girl for the academic year 1992-1993, before studying economics at University headingoverseas Tusfts in Medford, MA.

Patel career began as an economic analyst at Khandwala SecuritiesLimited after graduation. Later, she received an offer from Morgan Stanley, but he refused. After his return to India, she joined the theater group and participated in SatyadevDubey pieces at the reception permissionfrom his conservative parents. Meanwhile, she immersed herself intomodeling appear several advertising campaigns.
Patel alsomodelled known brands such as Bajaj Indian Sevashram, Fair & Lovely, Jai Lime Cadburys, FEM, Lux, and more.

Personal Life:

In the year 1999 Vikram Bhatt met Patel Bollywood director together on its first film, Aap Mujhe Achche Lagnes Location (2002), and since they started from the film. Later, a gap between Patel and Bhatt Patel familieswith caused a financial crisis after her parents usedall hard earned money for their personal satisfaction causingmisunderstandings between Patel and his parents.

In July 2004, Patel sent a legal notice to her father formismanaging accounts and assets amounting to Rs 120 million anddemanding money. She then worked in two films, distributed the bride ship Bhatt (2005) and her semi-biographical Ankahee (2006) in March 2006 and rumors that the couple was ready to include to get married.

In January 2008, rumors spread that the couple's relationship theirfive years. Bhatt confirmed the break in a conversationwith noon of the 12th March 2008, Patel was a businessman in London kanava Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in Puri basis spotted.

In June 2008 they confirmed their relationship, as she says in aninterview with Mid-Day, "I wanted to admit it, because sooner kanava he'svery special, and I do not want any trouble. It was too precious to talk about this story Meto people . It is now almost six months, and I amfeeling safe now I know that our relationship is strong foranything or someone come between us. "

Later, in the context director Kunal Kohli columnists Patel before the release of their film, Pyaar Thode Thode Magic and the media was also reported that she was married to Puri, but denied the rumors.saying: "Yes, I will not deny the fact that the case is completed, will give butwhat the past and talk about why and when it happens? "(2008),

Patel first opportunity for action is in the form of an offer of a classmate of his father, Rakesh Roshan, Hrithik Roshan at opposite his son in Kaho Naa .. star Pyaar Hai (2000). The offer came directly schoolbut after graduation, they rejected the project because they wanted to continue HEREDUC United States. The role of college girl anexuberant in love with a moment on her lover has losingher tortuous and done back in a more mature relationship Scopeto Patel. The film was a success and established itself as Patel star, earning her first Best in a number of awards ceremonies.replaced it, but fortunately Kapoor pulled after shooting a few days and coupleof Patel had the opportunity again at a family lunch.
In his second film, theater Badri Telugu language played it against Pawan Kalyan. The film was a huge success and earned more than 120 million in India.
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Actor (3)

1.) Narasimhudu (2005) :: Actor
2.) Nani (2004) :: Actor
3.) Badri (2000) :: Actor


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