Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nisha kothari

Birthname:Nisha Kothari
Hookups:Every one
Assets:Looks, Busty Boobs
Vices:Getting Pregnant
Country of Origin:India

Sagittarius Kothari was in Calcutta, 30 November 1983 and grew up speaking English, Gujarati, Bengali and Hindi. She moved to New Delhi, while the standard 10 and a degree in chemistry from the University of Delhi at Dayal Singh College. Her father is a chemical businessman, her mother a housewife, and she has married an older sister.

After college, Kothari became a model and appeared in several commercials. She moved into films with Jay Jay, a film, the Tamil amoha. She got her break actor Madhavan, who recommended her for an audition, after their photos. She made her debut in Bollywood films James and Sarkar (which came out first), both by Ram Gopal Varma. Then go with Killer Emraan Hashmi and Bhatt. She went to the movies and minor roles to make the film is still to the audience in something that could be used as the definition of career to be seen. Kothari is known for its extravagant costumes and sexy items in popular songs, which were known to some extent.


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