Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Kangana Latest Gossips And Body Structure
Thin girls of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your, well, thinness. According to Kangna Ranaut, this new curves are not the result of anything but only the surgical outcome of having put on seven kilos overall.

Reacting to our photo feature Full and Final in yesterday's issue, Kangna clarified, "Not only my breasts but everything has miraculously expanded as I have gained seven kilos. I plan to lose all of it though people actually like me fullerenes and everyone has been complimenting Me though I think it makes me look older than I am. "

On second thoughts, she added, "It's crazy, but every single person loves me fat. And honestly, I secretly like it too Which is probably why I have not started gym and yoga yet. But really, on screen, my hollow cheeks look better and in fact, it is important they be that way. "

Some months ago, Kangna had dismissed here fuller lips as a result of eating prawns. Now here obvious enhancements are part of the weight gain. If it is the additional seven kilos that are responsible, obviously most of the seven have gone to one part of her anatomy only.

Nutritionist SPEAK:

Nutritionist Miloni Shah of the Centre for Obesity and Diabetes Support says it's hard to put on weight in one specific area. One usually puts on weight all over the body and some people do have hereditary weaknesses such as thighs, hips or the mid-riff. Weight specifically on the chest is usually a result of hormonal changes along with a fatty diet. It could also be because of side effects of medicines such as steroids.

Bollywood Gossips Of Kangana

Kangana Ranaut's latest film Raaz The Mystery Continues has hit the screen and we still have two wait to see how the film fares at the box office. Kangana after the success of Fashion, got another glamourous role.

She plays a model again. "I am playing the role of a successful model who is disturbed by some spirits. This is a character-oriented movie and I am eagerly waiting for its release, "she says.

Kangana's character in the film lives in with her boyfriend played by this real-life beau Adhyayan. However in real life she does not favor the idea of living in.

"With hours everything has changed, but are living with men and women are marrying women. I do not want to offend anybody here but we should not get carried away by the western culture. We have two preserve our values and I am not in favor of any live-in relationship, "stated Ranaut.

When asked about this marriage plans, Kangana said: "I am too young for a marriage. I am just 21 and first want to secure my career before taking any such decision. "

"I faced many problems when I came to Mumbai three years back. Here nobody helps you till you have a godfather. I have learned so many things here and think that I have gained the wisdom of a 40-year-old human in the last two-three years through my struggle, "she said.

She has earned a fairly good reputation as an actor for this tender age.

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