Monday, September 6, 2010

More Hot Poonam Kaur

Poonam Kaur is a South Indian actress


She was born as Deepa in Hyderabad, India. After finishing re schooling from Delhi to Hyderabad she moved for Fashion designing from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT).


Poonam started re-film career with Telugu films and after Mayajalam That appeared in Teja's
Oka Vichitram. She Played the lead role of Nikki in Nikki And Neeraj and was seen as actor Gopichand Souryam for sister in Which she was nominated for the Best Actress Award Suuporting.

SA Chandrasekhar was re Nenjirukkum Varai Tamil debut film she plays the where clause
daughter of a rich man who is in search of love. Also she appeared in movies like Kannada
Bandhu Balaga and Manjina Hani.In Oruvan Tamil movie Unnaipol Played a minor role she
along side Kamal Haasan and Mohan Lal.


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